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Our City. Our Future.

DWC exists to unify the community and facilitate the revitalization of Woonsocket.


About DWC

We assist and advocate for revitalization in our Main Street area through building community support, encouraging investment, improving the reputation and appearance of downtown, and increasing economic growth through the retention and recruitment of the arts, culture, business, and tourism.

DWC is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer board members dedicated to improving and promoting downtown Woonsocket. We aspire to make Woonsocket a world-renown destination by utilizing our city's rich history, culture and architecture. We are inspired and dedicated to bringing attention, appreciation and excitement to our community. We want people to visit, work, shop, dine, drink, live and love Woonsocket.

If you would like to join our organization or volunteer to help out at our events, please fill out this form.

Board of Directors


Chairperson and
Executive Director
Garrett Mancieri

Vice Chairperson
Melissa Murray

Vice Chairperson
Assistant Treasurer

Emily Laramee

Margaux Morriseau

Kristi Keith


Michael Balint

Karen Barbosa

Jonathan Berard

Irene Blais

Nicole Brien 

Julia Brown

Adam Brunetti

Sarah Carr

Oscar Hancock

Tammy Irwin

Kristi Keith

Tom Keith

Susan Kirwan

Alex Kithes

Emily Laramee

Alan Leclaire

Garrett Mancieri

Matt Moylan 

Melissa Murray

Wendy Pires

Kahlyl Roberson

Jessica Roy

Members By Virtue of Office

City of Woonsocket
Mayor: Lisa Baldelli-Hunt

Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce
President/CEO:  John C. Gregory
Designee: Paul Ouellette

Neighborworks® Blackstone River Valley
Executive Director: Joseph Garlick
Designee: Margaux Morisseau

Blackstone River Valley Tourism Council
President: Robert Billington
Designee: Geraldine Barclay-King

Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


We are pleased to be affiliated with the following organizations: